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Vendors know things. They speak a special language, an information technology dialect that most small and midsize business owners can't fathom, but that they respect nonetheless - perhaps because it's indecipherable. These business owners are turning to experts, after all, since tech is something in which they don't specialize. They cut the vendor some slack; they reason that IT types aren't really proficient in their line of work, either. What inspired this riff is "Complicating the Cloud," a recent, insightful article by industry guru Jeff Kaplan. Kaplan makes a number of trenchant points, many of them coalescing around the idea that the vendor community has a vested interest in complexity. That meshes with my belief that it really is easy to get into the cloud -- if the decision makers don't allow the vendors to make it difficult. Here's what Kaplan has to say:... (more)

Efficiently Moving Apps to the Cloud By @IV_CloudHosting | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

While small and midsize businesses are often keen to move their applications to the cloud, the benefits of cloud migration don’t simply rain down from the sky. In order to take advantage of the flexibility (and cost savings) of virtual server hosting, organizations need to address some common challenges. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps businesses can take to enable successful transition of applications to the cloud. The first step is determining which applications to move to a virtual server. As with any IT project, businesses must balance risk and reward, cost and benef... (more)

Treat Security as a Process Not an Event | @CloudExpo #Cloud

As Cyber Attacks Proliferate, Don't Be a Sitting Duck - Treat Security as a Process Hacking doesn't happen only to other people. While last spring's notorious Sony hack may have implied that the biggest targets are the most vulnerable, any organization can be a victim - and, perhaps surprisingly, an unwitting perpetrator. I'm talking to you, IT infrastructure companies.  As a class of business, IT providers may be hip to risk as a matter of course, but they aren't exempt from the rules of the game and, given their special position in the information security ecosystem, attacks d... (more)